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Maternity Care

Childhood Vaccinations:

Childhood immunisations are given at the surgery from the age of 2 months to 6 years old.  These are currently covered by the HSE and are available free of charge at Park Medical Practice.

The national immunisation website also contains useful information of all childhood immunisations.

Babies born on or after October 1st 2016 are offered the vaccines below

Age                    Vaccine

2 months            6 in 1 + PCV + MenB + Rotavirus

4 months            6 in 1 + Meningitis B + Rotavirus

6 months            6 in 1 + PCV + Meningitis C

12 months          MMR + MenB

13 months          Hib/MenC + PCV

4 -5 years           4 in 1 + MMR

Cervical Smears:

Park Medical Practice is registered with the National Cancer Screening Service for provision of cervical cancer screening  (smear test). These are available free of charge if you are currently due a smear (every 3 years for women aged 25 - 45, every 5 years between the age of 45 - 60)


Maternity care is covered by the HSE, who pay for 6 routine antenatal and 2 post natal visits. From time to time some patients may require extra maternity visits, these may also be included under the HSE maternity scheme.

Health Promotion & Health Screening

Disease Prevention provides much better value for both the patient and the community. We especially promote regular excercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. This may be combined with weight management or smoking cessation.


A comprehensive 'top to toe' health check and screening, this includes fasting bloods, physical examination and, if appropriate, ECG.

Developmental Checks:

Park Medical Practice provides developmental checks in the early stages of your childs development.

Family Planning:

We offer family planning and sexual health advice and fitting of all contraceptive services including Implanon, Mirena Coil and Oral Contraceptive Pill. During the consultation we will help you choose the ones thats right to you at your stage of life.

Post Pregnancy:

After the birth the baby we will examine your baby at two weeks and a six week check for you and your baby. During these consultations we will provide you with advice on - Feeding advice (breast or bottle) - Post Natal Care (lactation advise) - immunisations - development stages - identify any medical issues.

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